Öröm - 8


We discovered ÖRÖM just surfing in internet and i cant explain how this band shocked me at first listening. Immediately try to listen and learn something more about this band. Orom was formed in 1998 in Hungary, and despite the band describe their sound as atmospheric doom , i think it much more than doom, because the acoustic guitars gives the music a fresh air, another dimension. when you listen Orom you feel the cold wind on your face, see the snow mountains, a landscape in the forest, the texture of the stones.... 8 is an absolutelly masterpiece !!!! For fans of Empyrium, Of The Wand And The Moon and many others !


track list
º Vágyódás
º Csöndben
º Sírok Között
º Levél
º Hangok
º Egyszer
º Mélyen legbelül
º ...
º Beteljesedés




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