Pieter Nooten - Collected


Lot of people knows PIETER NOOTEN from many years. He was part of the early line up of CLAN OF XYMOX in the 80´s !!.
Pieter and Ronny were playing together in Clan of Xymox during the best period of this legendary band.
4AD was the label were this artist , once he left COX , released an extraordinary album in collaboration with Michael Brook entitled " Sleep with the fishes " wich was very aclaimed for the audience and sold out since years ago .

PIETER makes music in a more ambient stile, but with a personal touch , sometimes indie, sometimes dark wave, sometimes in his own and personal visions. With a mix of vocal tracks and instrumentals, Pieter Nooten is a most original and unique artist to emerge in.
Lush synth and string atmospherics flow through the entire album, his vocals have a sad, hushed element about them creating a even more emotionally forceful atmosphere.
Collected is not only a best of , its a tale about the life of this artist, about his feelings , thoughts and wishes.
You will find in this album a delicate treasure.
We hope you enjoy this album , a beautiful experience !!!!.

track list
º So much easier [MP3]
º Lo down valley
º Head circles...
º Stuntman [MP3]
º London requiem
º Red glint
º Blue horses
º Sanctuary [MP3]
º Wideopenspace
º The choice
º Several times III
º After the call
º Clouds



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