raven wings- necessary illusions


Necessary Illusions is the first album of the Argentinian band RAVEN WINGS. This young duo takes us on a journey that tells themes as love, life, death and distress. There are accompanied by a Gothic atmosphere delicately combined with elements of Baroque music, and being shaped by the participation of a string trio and electronic sounds that give this particularity in style. The album has the structure of a book; each song is a separate section that guides the listener into the musical narrative. So then, the musical and literary plot is finished.



track list
º Prefacio
º Geständnis [MP3]
º The last Glass
º Kronos (Feat - PreEmptive Strike 0.1) [MP3]
º Im Nebel
º Vampire Dance (Feat – PreEmptive Strike 0.1)
º Empty Mirror
º Necessary Illusions
º Flow my tears [MP3]
º Unexpected Presence
º The Pleasure of Darkness
º Epílogo: Cronos



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