rising shadows - falling deep within


Falling Deep Within is the debut album of RISING SHADOWS. A beautful journey into the darkness of ourselves and our past. Featuring the enchanting vocals of Linda-li. This is music for the soul and it will paint your mind images and dreams.

Rising Shadows started back in 1996 under the name Shadow of the Concealed. Within the first year of existence The Gathering was made. The demo however remained unreleased due to quality reasons. Work instead began on a second tape called The Seventh Gate.

The release in autumn 1997 coincided with the change of bandname into Rising Shadows. Still the only person involved was Fredrik Klingwall. Another cassette was recorded to promote the change of name but it wasn´t exactly wellspread. The first Rising Shadows release worth of it's name came over a year later. In autumn 1999 Delirium was released. It passed by rather unnoticed and Fredrik started writing more filmmusic and solowork instead. While Rising Shadows more and more plunged down into oblivion. Over the years some material was made and the concept became clearer, in 2004 the time was right to bring life to this project. Together with singer Linda-li a new demo was created. Horror Vacui was released in August 2004.

Early 2005 the track 'Vacui' was contributed to the Waerloga Compilation; A Tribute To Uglakh. Along with such acts as The soil bleeds black, Za Frûmi, Sagor & Swing, Autumn tears and many more.

In February 2006 the debut album Falling Deep Within was recorded. For release through Argentinian label Twilight Records later this year.


Soon the shadows will rise again!

track list
º Vocalise
º Embraced by the shadows [MP3]
º Autumn again
º In the winter garden
º Wine of nostalgia
º Longing spirit
º Wakefulness [MP3]
º Kiss of treachery and absolution
º Death come to us all
º Reverence and remembrance
º Instill serenity
º Things
º Falling deep within [MP3]
º And then she was gone
º Thus passes away the glory of the world
º All ends



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