rising shadows - found in the cold


This is the second part of the first album, also releaased in Twilight Records.
Is the continuation, a new tale, a new chapter in this history. RISING SHADOWS explores with the new album a colder and more distorted harsh landscape than before.
Yet still holding up the ethereal beauty with the voice of Linda-li.
Also participating on this album is the newly recruited bassist, Guillaume Le Huche (previously in Katatonia).

Lyrically and musically the album is a continuation of the theme from Falling Deep Within.
The dreamy, folk inspired songs are still there with the dark lyrics of a journey through life into death and the catharsis inbetween.

This time with new songs, Rising Shadows want to speak about the world of imagination all of us have in mind, a possible world, full of tales, fatastic creatures and beautifull landscapes.
A fantastic journey trought the mystical world of faeries , wizards and gnomos. Try to search your lost and sad princess into the depp and dark forest of Scandinavia.
Just imagine a mix of Dead Can Dance, Ennio Morricone and Kate Bush
and you'll getting closer to the sound of Rising Shadows!

track list
º Vacui
º Catharsis
º The Leaving [MP3]
º Found in the cold
º Imagine The Place Of Nothingness
º Like fire [MP3]
º Fate Of Us All [MP3]
º Through The Lingering Past
º The Carriage
º Farewell
º Nothing Left But The Memories
º Return To The Winter Garden



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