rising shadows - finis gloriae mundi


Finis Gloriae Mundi is the third album from RISING SHADOWS following up on their 2008 album Found In The Cold.
Once again the beautiful voice of Linda-li enriches the mysterious and complex musical textures created by Fredrik Klingwall.
The Swedish duo now goes well beyond their neoclassic and medieval roots and leave the boundaries of a genre.
Together with co-producer Mattias Olsson and several session musicians they explore new layers of instruments and rhythms in their music.
Finis Gloriae Mundi is the soundtrack to a great finale, inspired by the curiosity of death and transmutations of our reality.
The result is yet another haunting melancholic masterpiece.

track list
º The Diluvian Empire
º And The Avarice
º Union Of The Fixed And The Volatile
º Melencolia I
º Dissolving The Fabric Of Time
º Fearless [MP3]
º Amnesia Revealed
º Eschaton
º Wheel Of Fire (The City Of The Horizon) [MP3]
º Finis Gloriae Mundi [MP3]



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