stillife - remembrance & memories


Heralded as one of the strongest and most unique gothic acts from Russia is reaching deep into the soul of the listener while drawing out the pains and pleasures of memories past. They are painting beautiful soundscapes laden with violins, keyboards, and poetry.
This is gothic darkwave at its finest.


Life frozen in an instant, or just a life long instant... In late December 1998 Stan_I. and M.S. got an idea of the project's foundation. Two winters had passed and at the end of the year 2000 the idea found its embodiment in the recording of "Raining December" debut album. Eternal themes of love, loneliness and human tragedy exposed in the album present the pattern of true darkwave, one of the few Russian albums, which hardly complies to Western colleagues. On the 4th of November 2001, STILLIFE took part in the "Edge of the Night IV" festival, sharing the stage with PURPLE FOG SIDE (Russia) and ENDRAUM (Germany).


In November 2001 top Russian label "Irond Ltd." presented the CD release of STILLIFE's debut album "Raining December", which also included couple of bonus tracks. The Western gothic community cordially estimated it. "Resistance! Radio" from Germany even claimed this disc as "the album of the month". On the 3rd of November 2002 the regular gothic Halloween party "Edge of the Night V" was held at "Tochka" club in Moscow. This time STILLIFE played together with DIARY OF DREAMS. The show almost concurred with the release date of "Only Silence" mCD. The title track from this disc hit Russian independent radio-charts, sharing the leading positions with such well-known projects as t.A.T.u. and Bi-2.


The year 2003 saw the collaboration of STILLIFE with German project ENDRAUM. STILLIFE made the version of ENDRAUM's title track "Traumstaub", that featured on ENDRAUM's new album bearing the same name. The result of ENDRAUM's work was the remix "Es ist die Stille" (Endraum's vision), included in the third album of STILLIFE entitled "Remembrance", which was released by "Irond Ltd." in November 2003. On November 15, a presentation concert took place in "R-club" in Moscow. On the 5th of December STILLIFE took part in an international gothic festival "Radio Inferno II", held in St.Petersburg. According to the poll results on the for the year 2003, STILLIFE was once again recognized as "the best Russian band of the year" and "the best Russian band of all times".


In March 2004 the band was on tour with solo-concerts in St.Petersburg ("Moloko"club) and Moscow ("Tochka"club). The story was continued in 2005 with the album 'Memories'. This album was in fact an international collaboration which consisted of new compositions, remixes and collaboration tracks from such artists as ENDRAUM, IN MY ROSARY (Germany), Robert Davis/BUTTERFLY MESSIAH (U.S.A.), Mark Thornton (United Kingdom) and Russian bands BLEEDING NATURE, THEODOR BASTARD, REUTOFF/DAS REUT, PURPLE FOG SIDE.


Now the Argentinean label Twilight Records is about to release the special double-CD edition of "Remembrance & Memories"! Besides the original material of both albums STILLIFE is preparing to include there some exclusive bonus tracks!


track list


CD1: Remembrance
º Disillusions [MP3]
º The Wait [MP3]
º SunChariot
º Fragile
º We Used To Be
º In Memory
º Nothing's Left
º Remember Me [MP3]
º Atem der Vergangenheit
º Flowers In The Puddle
º Es ist die Stille (Endraum's Vision)

CD2: Memories
º Suicide d'Albert Pincelet
º Remember Me (Rosary Mix)
º Atem der Vergangenheit (Theodor Bastard Mix)
º Nothing's Left (Organiks Rebuild)
º Lose No More (Stillife feat. Endraum)
º Dreamcity
º Remember Me (Remixed by Nature)
º The Wait (Purple Fog Side Remix)
º When Lights Go Off... (Inside Version)
º SunChariot (Bon Vivant Mix)
º In Memory (MT Music Mix)
º Fragile (Luna Mix)
º Gorod sna (Traumstadt)
º Lose No More (Endraum Version)

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