The Soil Bleeds Black


After a long hiatus THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK return with a new album spanning seven years of intermittent recording sessions.

“Medieval” a simple and unswerving title embodying the bands art is also a reflection of their latest material, conceived in a modest manner that recalls the organic sensation of a live setting as if the listener were themselves transposed in a grand medieval hall, relishing a small band of charming minstrels. While some songs uplift with jovial melodic hooks, others are yet brooding and carry an underlying dark folk sentiment throughout.

Summarily, “Medieval,” is a maturing of TSBBs art, nurtured with care and delivered in an honest pseudo-medieval fashion.  


Track List

01-The Warrior Departs
02-Lament for a Young English King
03-The Peasants Revolt
04-The Wife of Bathe
05-Cycle of Earthly Allegories
06-Children of 1212
07-Thou Art Mine
08-Courtly Love
09-Hymn for Thy Lady
10-Oh, Ye of Noble Heart
11-Tempus Est Iocundum
12-Pied Piper of Hamelin

COD: TW 1.141
BAND:The Soil Bleeds Black (USA)
TITLE: Medieval
GENRE: Medieval
YEAR: 2016
FORMAT: Digipack CD