the soils bleeds black - alchemie


Long out-of-print, Twilight Records join forces to once again make available THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK 's fourth album, "Alchemie," originally published by the (now defunct) UK distributor, World Serpent.


This new edition features re-mastered and newly embellished versions of the original songs along with several bonus tracks.


“Alchemie” is a conglomeration of songs based heavily upon the medieval occult science for which the album is named. The album also features other songs portraying Arthurian legend and the bravery of knights on the battlefield. The well-known Swedish ambient artist, ARCANA, make a very special guest appearance on the track, “Lapis Philosophorum.”


This new edition comes presented in a fancy digipak!

track list
º Magia Naturalis
º Luna Begets Mercury [MP3]
º Winter Marriage
º Make Not Vain the Cup thou Drankest
º Mineralia [MP3]
º Moonburn
º Lapis Philosophorum
º Fire of the Sacred Seal
º Jongleurs in a Threefold
º Silver Song
º Dethrone the Wounded King
º Some Sweet Sorrow Did Her Heart Distraine, Act I
º Earthe Took of Earthe* [MP3]
º Take Me There*
º A Hymn to thy Lady*

* Bonus track



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