vir martialis- metapolemos II


The first act of VIR MARTIALIS “Metapolemos -The Metaphysics of War-” make clear that war is not only the physical devastation of the enemy, war is not only death and destruction, make clear that after each dead body a inmortal soul emerge, through a powerful first act of Industrial martial, Vir Martialis begon a polemic against the modern decadence of the Homo ("slave man") and the apologia from the Vir (Man-Hero)

Now with “Metapolemos II - THE SPIRITUAL AESTHETICS OF WAR” Vir Martialis presents a new manifesto of resistance, impregnated by the horror and the beauty of war, by the defeat and the victory, by the glory and the fall, by the memories of others times and the promise of a new dawn with a potent percussion, deep and overwhelming, a brilliant orchestration, a dark and suffocating atmosphere can become in a bombastic, epic and beauty hymn of heroism . The album features the participation of the great French band Barbarossa Umtrunk and the pioneers of the Martial Industrial in Venezuela Nuevo Ideal Nacional, with 11 tracks and almost 50 min Vir Martialis will take you into the spiritual aesthetics of the war, Vir Martialis will bring you back from the spiritual defeat to the glory of the final Victory.



track list
º Nobilitas
º Pro Patria Mori
º the Day of Resurrection
º Disciplina, Orden, Jerarquía
º Firmitas
º Más allá del Arquetipo (with NIN)
º Die Lehre von Kampf und Sieg
º We were soldiers
º Apotheósis
º The Poetic of War
º L'Ordre des 45 (Feat Barbarossa Umtrunk)



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