Wind Atlas

WIND ATLAS – Lingua Ignota

Wind Atlas’ music has gained in nuances, drifting smoothly from dark dream-pop and new-wave passages (which remind us of Dead Can Dance) to gloomy postpunk atmospheres similar to those of Crispy Ambulance, Durruti Column or In Camera.

Music to think of an unknown continent, to look for the lost alchemical formula, to eventually discover Talos the robot hurling rocks at the Argonauts. Music that requires to do nothing but listen, a task that nowadays appears almost impossible.
The message is conveyed in an imagined language from a terra incognita, the lingua ignota. Each song is like an accent or a period, like a comma, a verse, a whole chapter of a liturgical chant. Gibberish for those who relish the best soundtrack by Basil Poledouris and the 4AD catalogue.  


Track List

01-Eurydice's Chant
02-Sound Of Gold, Rhythm Of Jade
03-The Sun Rises
06-The Goddess Is Where It Is Venerated
09-The Joy Of The Auloniad

COD: TW 1.156
BAND: Wind Atlas
TITLE:Lingua Ignota
GENRE: Dark Wave/Neoclassic
YEAR: 2018
FORMAT: Digipack CD