Empathy Test

Exclusive Distribution for America

EMPATHY TEST – Just Got Home: Best of 2014-19

'Just Got Home: Best of 2014-19' slim digipak CD (no plastic tray) was originally released exclusively for sale on Empathy Test's first North American tour in September and October 2019. This is the 2020 re-run. The CD features 11 handpicked songs from across Empathy Test's career thus far, plus previously unreleased track Just Got Home and a secret bonus acoustic track. These are the last remaining 16 CDs of the 500.  


Track List

1. Losing Touch
2. Kirrilee
3. Here is the Place
4. Holding On
5. Demons
6. Seeing Stars
7. Vampire Town
8. Bare My Soul
9. Holy Rivers (2018 Single Version)
10. Incubation Song (2018 Single Version)
11. Empty Handed (2019 Single Version)
12. Just Got Home (Exclusive)

BAND: Empathy Test
TITLE: Just Got Home: Best of 2014-19
GENRE: Electronic pop
YEAR: 2020
FORMAT: Digipack CD