Empathy Test

Exclusive Distribution for America

EMPATHY TEST – Losing Touch CD - Expanded Edition

2020 expanded edition Empathy Test's 2017 album, Losing Touch, on CD. Cellophane-wrapped, single-fold, card digipak with 12 page booklet insert with Isaac Howlett's lyrics and original artwork by band member Adam Relf.  


Track List

1. Kirrilee (Remastered)
2. Where I Find Myself (Remastered)
3. Last Night On Earth (Remastered)
4. Holding On (Remastered)
5. Hope For Me (Remastered)
6. Throwing Stones (Remastered)
7. Losing Touch (Remastered)
8. Demons (Remastered)
9. Siamese
10. Sleep
11. Here Is The Place (Remastered)
12. Holding On (KVLT Remix)
13. Hope for Me (Figures of Eighty Remix)
14. Throwing Stones (Aeon Rings Remix)
15. Throwing Stones (Minuit Machine Remix)
16. Demons (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix)
17. Here is the Place (We Are Temporary Remix)
18. Here is the Place (Thomas Datt Remix)

BAND: Empathy Test
TITLE: Losing Touch - Expanded Edition
GENRE: Electronic pop
YEAR: 2020
FORMAT: Digipack CD